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Lovely - Mason Jar

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Petite in size but big in heart. Charming mason jars loaded with seasonal blooms in swoon-worthy color palettes. 

Available with red blooms, white/neutral colored blooms, or pinks (pictured).

Hosting a Valentine's gathering? We recommend 3-5 per table to add the perfect touch to your day.

Floral Notes

Exact florals change based upon seasonal availability. I always pick the freshest, highest-quality blooms to ensure your arrangement lasts. If you have a specific flower request, please email or call me and I will do my best to accommodate.

How to care for your arrangement

With proper care, your fresh floral arrangements can look gorgeous for longer!

For best results, please change out your water each day. Fill your vase with fresh water, and make sure your water level stays at the top of the vase.

Keep your florals out of direct sunlight and drafts from A/C or heat vents.

For even better results, we also recommend trimming your stems each day. Trim off 1/4" of each stem at a 45 degree (slanted) angle with a sharp knife or scissors.